Wednesday 25 April 2012

U is for U.F.O s . V is for Vest

U is for U.F.O s

UFOs s ? no not the flying saucer kind but the craft kind, to us a UFO is  UN Finished Object ! 
A few weeks ago I had loads of UFO s absolutely every where ! i seem to be getting on top of this and i only have : 
  1. A ripple blanket
  2. A rag rug
  3. My leap year blanket
  4. Hello Kitty Teddy.
So not so bad !!! 
My leap year blanket is going to take the year to complete that's the whole idea of it !! here's some recent granny squares that I made to go in it.

V is for Vests 

I'm itching to get started on a vest for my son. Got some fab cotton yarn by Rico especially .
Here's the Vest I'm making.


  1. Love the square with the flower basket on it! Too cute. :) I'm following you now too.

  2. Ok I so love you call your unfinished projects UFO'S and my daughter would go wild for the duck granny square. Just brilliant!

  3. Your granny squares are beautiful!!

    I have a lot UFOs at work. Urgghhhh. Great post!

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