Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A time to reflect ! Thursdays thoughts dec 29th 2011

I'm looking back over 2011 and what i achieved !!! The main thing was i picked up my hooks and have remained completely hooked ever since !. I started this blog , discovered new friends . Amazing really !!

here's a sum up of what i made this year....


Wow what a year !! here's to a crafty 2012 !!! best wishes to all my readers ... have a happy new year !
love Karen xx

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thursday days thoughts Dec 22nd 2011

A couple of different blogs I've noticed this week ... firstly a give away at tangled happy ....

tangled happy: Yarn Blossom Boutique Giveaway: This weeks giveaway Wednesday is from... Yarn Blossom Boutique! An adorable Etsy shop stocked with adorable designs. Meet Melissa: "Hello my...

then I've been inspired by

I'm going to join in a challenge next year. the blankets that she puts together are amazing and all for charity. I really ought to do a welsh flag square for the Olympics blanket.
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take care everyone and merry Christmas ! Love Karen

Friday, 16 December 2011

F.O friday !! a christmas one ! Christmas cards , boxes , candles and crochet !

Its A happy Christmas finished Friday !!! 
I haven't been joining in for a while because my camera got juiced !! by my seven year old with orange juice but its dried out and seems to be working now . ( thank goodness !!)
So hence i have alot to show you ! Also yesterday i was very lucky to be invited to a free Christmas craft day in Ludlow . It was such a great day and we had a gorgeous free lunch too !
while I'm here for those who haven't been by my blog in a while check out Thursday thoughts , on Thursdays i ask you to join in with a post about something that has inspired you that week.
OK are you ready for all my photos !!! lol.

The hearts were made for a friends birthday. I love it so much I'm going to make more !

Right here's my Christmas crafts....

 the cards are scented orange and Cinnamon.the Santa if you put him on your shoulder will flip down your front .
here's some more crochet Ive made too:

and then last to look at is a lovely Christmas wreath my seven year old boy made for me....

Merry Christmas everyone !
Love Karen xxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Thursdays thoughts for dec 15 2011 ( basket weave sitch )

Ive been over to you tube again ! i often find crochet vids over there my fave videos are by mickysmail and Ive even did a whole baby's cardigan by watching his vids and crocheting along ! #
the lastest one Ive stumbled along is how to crochet a basket weave sitch . Its a lovely sitch and im going to give it ago, just wondering what to do with it though !! will have to be an after xmas project.

heres the video

its the first video you have to watch all of them .

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas stall

Thought i would show you my crochet that i finally did for my Xmas stall this year at our school Xmas fete .

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thursdays thoughts for 8th Dec 2011

well my thought for Thursday is weather i would have enough time before Xmas to do a Jolly holly bunting !!
Ive popped over to Attic 24 to see what Lucy was up to and low and behold there's another amazing pattern by her that i want to complete !! But i have so much to do !!! decisions decisions ! 
here's her bunting .....

I'm sure if you take a peek at her blog as well this pattern will be on your list of things to do !!!

If you have found anything this week that inspires you , please share !! use Mr linkie below to join in. The more the merrier !!!  Karen.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Craft Patterns: A Christmas Giveaway

check out this great giveaway !!!! just click on link.

Craft Patterns: A Christmas Giveaway: This is a one time chance! A Christmas Giveaway ! Get 3 free patterns from the Craft Patterns !! I choose 3 winners to each win 1 pa...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursdays thoughts for dec1st

Cant believe its December !!
well my thoughts for this Thursday are actually with facebook , i cant believe how many crochet groups, pages etc I'm finding on there. Also links to free patterns !!
here's a few Ive join already....

theres just a few to start your search off !!

If you have any thing to share this Thursday please join in by using mr linkie below. see you soon karen xx