Wednesday 14 December 2011

Thursdays thoughts for dec 15 2011 ( basket weave sitch )

Ive been over to you tube again ! i often find crochet vids over there my fave videos are by mickysmail and Ive even did a whole baby's cardigan by watching his vids and crocheting along ! #
the lastest one Ive stumbled along is how to crochet a basket weave sitch . Its a lovely sitch and im going to give it ago, just wondering what to do with it though !! will have to be an after xmas project.

heres the video

its the first video you have to watch all of them .

if you have something to share please join in and use mr linkie below.


  1. I've left a link to my blog sharing the DROPS Advent calendar. This is a nice idea.

  2. thanks im going to check it out now !

  3. Great read, thanks for writing this


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