Friday 16 December 2011

F.O friday !! a christmas one ! Christmas cards , boxes , candles and crochet !

Its A happy Christmas finished Friday !!! 
I haven't been joining in for a while because my camera got juiced !! by my seven year old with orange juice but its dried out and seems to be working now . ( thank goodness !!)
So hence i have alot to show you ! Also yesterday i was very lucky to be invited to a free Christmas craft day in Ludlow . It was such a great day and we had a gorgeous free lunch too !
while I'm here for those who haven't been by my blog in a while check out Thursday thoughts , on Thursdays i ask you to join in with a post about something that has inspired you that week.
OK are you ready for all my photos !!! lol.

The hearts were made for a friends birthday. I love it so much I'm going to make more !

Right here's my Christmas crafts....

 the cards are scented orange and Cinnamon.the Santa if you put him on your shoulder will flip down your front .
here's some more crochet Ive made too:

and then last to look at is a lovely Christmas wreath my seven year old boy made for me....

Merry Christmas everyone !
Love Karen xxx


  1. wow - lots of finished crafts :) Great job!

  2. That is lots of little finished christmas crafts, good to see someone being a busy bee :)

  3. Wow - can't believe how much you've made! Very christmasy

  4. The Christmas Crafts look great. I really like the wreath your boy made. Awesome!

  5. Welcome back, glad your camera is working. Love the fingerless gloves, very nice.

  6. Very nice wrist warmers! The wreath from your son is a treasure!

  7. im goping to write up the pattern for the wrist warmers when i get the chance.

  8. Ditto everyones LIKE on your Christmas Crafts. Not too Christmas-Inspired over here but have gotten some projects done for gifts.
    Like the wreath and the little santa-gnome.


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