Wednesday, 14 March 2012

W.I.P rag rug.

My rag rugs coming on  slowly, I cant believe how much material it eats !!!
I'm sorting out every ones t shirts to cut up !! hope Ive got enough !
The reading book is distracting me though wish i could multi task and do both !!


  1. You need books on tape, so you could listen and craft at the same time. What a great way to use up old stuff.....hum, I might have to give the idea some thought.

  2. A rag rug, I love that!!! I hope you post at the end of your project how many shirts the rug ate. I am curious, really. Love to see the end result!

  3. I would love to know how many shirts/rags it used too. So bright and colorful! Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday.

  4. I would love to know how to make a rag rug, where did you learn to make it pls? I look forward to seeing the finished product x

  5. hhhmmm , i just did it . maybe i could do a tut ?


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