Friday 23 March 2012

F.O Friday ! Crochet Cushion .

I did granny squares on the front  , went for pastel colours for a change. All yarn is from my leftover supply.
Then for the back I use a jumper I never wore. 
I think it looks lovely !

How to do the jumper back can be found on ATTIC 24 . 

I love the idea ! Its very effective too !.


  1. Love the granny style pillow, very pretty.

  2. Love the pillow and the idea of using a jumper!

  3. I love it! Great way to upcycle and use up that stash!

  4. That pillow is perfect!
    I love the front and the back.

  5. I've never done a pillow. This was inspiring. It would be fun to do one! I love your background!

  6. Lovely pics!

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