Friday 7 November 2014

Crochet sunflower tunic.

This was probably my most complicated pattern that I've attempted and selfishly it was all for me too .
The pattern did say it was a weekend project but it took 4 weeks to do. remembering I work full time and have a family !  So maybe if I had a whole week end to myself and no need to put down my crocheting I might of got it done in a weekend lol !

Here it is what do you think ?

heres a link to the pattern 


  1. looks pretty neat! love the stitch and color. Appreciate your sharing the pattern.
    P.S. People ask all the time 'how long did it take to make' but that isn't a good question because we crochet when we can and I might have more time than you or crochet faster/slower than you. So really people, just make it and when you are done, you are done! :)


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