Wednesday 27 November 2013

My 2012 Leap year blanket

Yes i know its 2013 .
 But this took me ages lol ! It was on going for a long time as it was often put on the back burner. But hey i did finish it ! Originally it was a Facebook group idea and together we all tried to do a square a day. But i must admit i got fed up and ended up swapping to a square a week.  The face book group is still going strong and I'm sure next year will do another challenge.  Its Yarn Crafters it you want to come over and join us !!

Most of the squares remind me of special days in 2012. Theres my children's birthday s, mothers day , St Davids day is my daffodil square ! ( pattern on this blog ) .

I really do love it now and yes it was worth the effort Ive also made some good Internet friends through the group.


I always love reading your comments xx