Thursday 9 May 2013

Boys knitted Camoflage jumper ( with pattern link )

Gosh its been a while since my last post. ( again ) arnt I hopeless !
Anyway i wanted to share with you a lovely jumper i knitted my son. Ive had alot of people asking about the pattern and yarn on facebook groups.
The yarn and pattern are both by stylecraft. I got both on line from Knit and sew  here the link ...

Hope that helps. I'm going to knit the other style jumper for my daughter soon.


  1. Lovely jumper. Thanks for link

  2. Fits perfectly and he looks pretty happy to be wearing it - well done all around!

  3. Hide and seek in the woods: nobody will have a chance to find your son. The sweater is great! Happy weekend. Regula

    ps. I love the owls on your blog. So cheerful.

  4. Beautiful idea and lovely pictures.

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