Thursday 18 October 2012

New award !!!


I received this award from thanks very much !!
Its nice having these awards , lets you know someone out there is reading your blog !!
Right I'm going to explain the award because I will be passing it on and hope that if its accepted that its passed on again !!

Now there are Certain rules to follow when you get this award.

* Explain 11 things about you 
* Answer the 11 questions about yourself 
* Choose 11 blogs and name in the post 

* Follow the blog of the person awarded Which  you 

* Visit at least three blogs awarded by this blog

11 things about myself:

First I am the oldest child
Second I have one sister and 3 brothers
Third I have two children
4th I love to crochet !!
5th I love zumba !
6th I like baking.
7th I love river cottage.
8th I live in wales
9th I like swimming.
10th I love chocolate
11th I'm scared of heights

 The answers to the 11 questions:
-How do you define yourself?   A little mad
-What is your favourite dish?   roast lamb
-Would you rather cook or you cook? I like to cook.
-What is your favourite dessert?              death by chocolate 
 -If you had to stay with an ingredient, what would it be?             garlic
 -What is the best trip I've done?          France
 -What is the best restaurant you've eaten?                not sure lol
 you prefer meat or fish-Do Both 
 -What is your favourite cheese?          cheese and potato pie
 -Black or milk chocolate? Milk
 -What is the worst dish you've tried? liver

11 blogs that I chose to give this award are the following:

This award is for the blogs who have less than 100 followers. 
I hope I have followed all the rules and now I want to notify all the lovely people.You all have to follow the above rules before you save the award image on your computer and then flaunt it anywhere you like, on your blog

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