Wednesday 22 February 2012

W.I.P but how many ???

OK i have a confession to make, last night my husband said to me as i was happily crocheting in front of the TV . What are you doing now ? a cushion cover i started ages ago i reply ! he then said just how many started but unfinished projects have you got ?
HHHMMMMM good question......
So here goes ........
firstly the cushion cover.....

a rag rug....

 Mary Jane slippers for me but only have made one lol !

 my leap year blanket here's some latest squares

my ripple blanket 

oh dear ! and i did start another hello kitty teddy ! oooppsss

On the bright side i have 3 finished items to show you all on Friday ! 

Take care and don't forget to check out other peoples w.i.p today ! xx


  1. Three finished objects is awfully good progress. That slipper looks so cute, I don't know how you can bear not to have the second one straight away!

  2. Tell hubby you're doing good if that's all you have for UFO's (unfinished objects). ha! I'm embarrassed even saying I probably have twice as many. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the progress next week.

  3. Love the ripple, and the Mary Jane's. Get him off your back and concentrate on one or 2 so he can see you finishing something. Wondering if you have a funny setting on your blog. None of your I's come out right, they all come out like this i? So do all the starts to your sentences. Not sure if we see it differntly then you do, so thought I'd mention it.

  4. lol sandy its just bad grammer .

  5. I Love the slipper also! So cute!

  6. Karen - I was too busy noticing your 'i's last night and missed your amazing WiP's ;-) Love the mary jane slippers. I'm tempted to make a pair and put some sort of sole on them for summertime x

    1. lol. i just came back with rest of wool to finish the mary janes. hhmmm like the idea of putting a sole on them. will let you figure out how !


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