Wednesday 4 January 2012

Thursdays thoughts for Jan 5th 2012 Leap year blanket challenge )

Very strange writing 2012 !!
This week im sharing a challenge that ive join in on facebook ... its not to late to join in too.
"The idea of this is for us to create our own special leap year blanket using squares. One square made every day to a total of 366 squares which will be sewn together to make the blanket. This can be made by either crochet, knitting or even a mixture of the two. this will be ideal for those starting out and learning the basic stitches up to the advanced levels with special designs and patterns."

why not take a look its turning into quite a community !!

heres my first 4 squares:

The lighting is something i can never get right !! hence 2 photos !

If you have found something you want to share this week please join in by using Mr Linkie below.
Also please link back to my blog so others can join in too.xx


  1. That's a great idea!! I started knitting some squares last night, and wondered if I should make it a One a Day project, but I think I'll join in with the Leap Year project instead. I'm learning to crochet so this will be a good way to make use of the squares I'm making. Thanks for the link :D x

  2. glad your joining in !! see you over in the facebook group !!

  3. May I request an alternative use for squares, still using the one square a day method and it still technically ends up as a blanket. I am wanting to make a square a day for Knit-A-Square charity, it goes to them to make blankets for little children in South Africa :) Would that be ok? I will still post weekly my squares, they just wont be a part of one blanket :)

  4. im sure that is fine , its not my facebook group. i will ask for you and get back to you.

  5. hazel. you are very welcome to join the group. i checked with the owner. see you there xx


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