Wednesday 9 November 2011

W.I.P( no 7) ripple blanket.

well I've picked up my ripple blanket again... bet i get distracted by something else soon !! its getting there slowly its just i keep doing other projects in between !! wont get much done today Ive got to make chutney later !

Please pop by my blog tomorrow as i have an idea for Thursday's bloggers !!!

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Just an after thought my 9 year old daughter has a blog for her art, she said last night , mum noone likes my art cos noone is following me ....i wondered if some of you would make a 9 year old happy and follow her blog ? 

Thankyou karen xx


  1. What exciting colors in your ripple. Did you plan it that way or are you using stash yarn you already had? I have to start my ripple blanket soon!

  2. i planned it i really wanted a bright blanket to cover my bed..

  3. What fab colours, love how cheery it is :)

  4. I see so many lovely ripples, and yours is one! This one is on my to do list :D


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