Wednesday 28 September 2011

W.I.P no 3 Cowl.

The sun is shinning !!! yay !! But I'm still getting ready for

Ive started a cowl or snood not sure which is the correct term !! I'm using this pattern....

lovely soft chunky wool in midnight blue from style craft.

also Ive started a cushion cover with odd balls i have lying around..

as usual colours arnt showing up on photo the granny squares are made up of either white yellow baby pink mix or white yellow mint green mix.

see you all Friday because I'm going to have finished projects. 


  1. I think you can call it either :) I think most people call them cowls :)

    Ahhh the photo problem, you can see the colour just in the second photo :) shall look a lovely cushion cover!

  2. I'd say "cowl". Snood just sounds, well, snood-y. It's a very nice pattern and it's going to be gorgeous in the yarn you've chosen!

  3. yeah i think cowl sounds best !!

  4. yep i'd go for cowl too! It does suddenly seem daft that we are winter knitting and the summer has returned! xx


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